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Preparing and Selling Your Business Workshop


When is the right time to sell? How much is my business worth? What is the likely success rate? How long will it take to sell? How many enquiries will I get? Are there businesses that are certain to sell? Are there businesses that get no interest? What puts buyers off? Who are the buyers? Who are not buyers? Will my close competitors buy? Who are the best buyers? Why do they buy?

Should I discount the price? What does a business broker do? Can I sell without a broker? How can I spot the good and the bad business brokers? How should I negotiate? Should I accept staged payments? How can I keep down professional fees? What is the ideal size of business to sell? Is my business too personal to sell? How much work should I as owner be doing?

What should sale information look like? Do I need to use confidentiality agreements? What is due diligence? What are heads of agreement? How much will a sale contract cost? What is a non-compete clause? Are my customer records right? Are my marketing systems good enough? How should I arrange my IT systems? Are my accounts right for a sale? What is the difference between a share sale and an asset sale? Am I prepared for an asset sale? Will I be paying too much tax on a sale?


The workshops are open to owners of businesses of all sizes and profit levels who are looking to sell their business either now or in a few years time. People who provide advice to businesses are also welcome.


The workshop will be run by
Ian Benson from
Matrix Mergers who has sold more than 200 businesses over 20 years as a business broker.
10.00 TO 12.30
COST £95.00
FRI 26 AUG 2022
FRI 09 SEP 2022
FRI 23 SEP 2022
FRI 07 OCT 2022
FRI 21 OCT 2022
Feedback From Past Attendees
Yours is one of the best, most relevant, least nonsense sessions I’ve been to for a very long time. I enjoyed it. Very practical advice.
Excellent session - thank you! Thanks We found the two hours really useful and have already made a couple of quick changes.
I found the workshop very interesting and informative with much food for thought.   Thanks again for the talk last Friday, very interesting.
I enjoyed the session and got some very good pointers. The material was full of surprises for me; much of it might be described as ‘counter-intuitive’.
I had already taken advice from my accountant and my business consultant about how to go about selling my business and the information you provided last night gave me a lot more clarity than I had before.
Thanks it was a good course, very practical. I knew all the initial “complicated“ bit about tax but none of the practical stuff. Thanks some useful food for thought.
The session was excellent / outstanding. Thank you for your time yesterday at your seminar, it was all very informative.
I found the workshop extremely useful. It provided exactly what I was looking for – no-nonsense, practical information and guidance from someone who has experience of selling businesses. I learned a lot.  
All clear and found it useful. Thank you again for the workshop. It was excellent. I found the information very interesting and worthwhile.
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